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Waste is a resource

Your bin under the kitchen sink is full of energy, and it is common and green sense to use it sensibly.

The organic waste can be converted into biogas that can be used for electricity or heating, or e.g. for biofuel in cars in line with natural gas. Parts of the waste are genuine energy bombs, and the secret is to create the most efficient mixture that provides the optimum utilisation of the energy.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Future integrates the organic household waste into a broader context in which the waste is mixed with wastewater so that both are treated even more effectively in terms of the environment as well as energy.

It all begins with a proper sorting of the waste at each individual consumer followed up by an effective treatment and gasification of the waste. Billund BioRefinery’s partner, Billund Vand, has a long and extensive experience that is quite unique – also internationally.

In Billund Municipality we have established the most well-functioning system which has been in operation since 1997, and we cooperate with several municipalities to popularise the system. Billund BioRefinery shows the way to a better cycle – from table to soil with lots of energy!

Big amounts – big potential

Organic waste from restaurants, catering centres, dairies, slaughterhouses and shops holds big energy resources and can provide an important contribution to a better biological cycle.

Local management and utilisation of the organic waste means lower energy consumption and less strain on the environment from transportation, and the industry becomes an integrated part of the cycle.

Organic household waste generally consists of large amounts of a homogeneous quality, and it is easier to ensure the correct composition and best energy utilisation when it is mixed with household waste and wastewater.

At the same time, the suppliers of waste get a sustainable solution to their waste problem, so both the companies and their customers can be pleased that they contribute to a better environment. Billund BioRefinery shows how it can be done – without waste of resources.

The cycle continues, and the nature runs its course – hand in hand with the industry.