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A visit to the USA with the Minister of the Enviroment showed enviromental technology from Billund BioRefinery

The pioneering project with the Future Treatment Plant at BillundBioRefinery continues to arouse great interest around the world. In december 2021, the company's director Thomas Kruse Madsen has just participated in an export promotion in the USA with Minister of the Environment Lea Wermelin.

Here, the representatives from the Danish water industry met with utilities from Texas and California as well as a number of authorities and participated in various events to promote Danish technology in the field. The USA has great prospects for Danish environmental exports, and American companies face a number of challenges for which Danish companies have good solutions.

"It was a really interesting trip, where we felt a huge interest in green Danish environmental technology. And a small company like BillundBIO Refinery has a lot to offer. Our experience is ready to use for some of the companies of similar size, we have been in contact with, "says CEO Thomas Kruse Madsen from BillundBioRefinery.

"The Biden government's large infrastructure package, which has now been approved, is about much more than roads and bridges. Large sums must be invested in a new infrastructure for water and wastewater, to which the Danish companies can obviously contribute."

The Americans do not need a time machine to see the Future Wastewater Treatment Plant, which is already in full operation in Grindsted. Here, a visit by a delegation from Houston, Texas, took place as a par of a tour organized by the State Department. The Texan guests are interested in BillundBioRefinery's solution for wastewater sludge that is mixed with organic waste and turns into sustainable energy and green manure.

"It is fantastic that a pioneering work, which started almost 25 years ago here in the municipality, can inspire people all over the world to utilize food waste and wastewater as a resource. For us, it makes a contribution to the environment and even more efficient operations, which keeps our prices calm. At the same time, we contribute to solving global environmental problems and creating green Danish jobs, and that is a beautiful combination, "says Thomas Kruse Madsen.

BillundBioRefinery was invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the US trip, which thus does not entail any costs for the municipality's citizens who own the company.