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Biogas from biomass – nature’s own fuel

Organic material contains lots of good energy from nature’s eternal cycle, and it is highly efficiently used at Billund BioRefinery.

The patented Exelys™-technology, which is a key element of the Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Future, increases the biogas production by a total of 50 percent compared to conventional plants, and at the same time, the sludge amount is reduced by 30 percent.

The biogas consists of methane and carbon dioxide, and it is a product with many, highly flexible applications. Also, in a changeable future with potential for still more different products and by-products.

At the moment, the biogas is used for production of electricity and heat, but methane and hydrogen may also be used for operation of fuel cells in the future. The biogas can also be used as biofuel for cars, for production of biodegradable bioplastic, for protein production, for storage of CO2 in algae production and in a wide variety of other areas.

Billund BioRefinery makes sure to utilise the energy – in an efficient and flexible way.

Warm thoughts about the future – without wasted energy

The biogas from organic waste and wastewater can be used for production of heat for the district heating system in a very efficient way.

Bio gasification ensures the highest possible utilisation of the energy content, and utilises the resources in a much more intelligent way than just incineration of the waste.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Future produces heat for own consumption and at the same time supplies excess heat to the public district heating system and to local customers such as industry and farmers.

That is an efficient use of resources – in a healthy and natural cycle.

Go with the flow – to a sustainable future

The local cycle for Billund BioRefinery also comprises power lines to all customers in the area, who, by the way, own the plant themselves.

They sort their green household waste which is brought to Billund BioRefinery and converted into new energy by means of bio degasification. The biogas is very flexible and can be used for production of heat and electricity.

Even now, the utilisation of energy in the waste is so efficient that approx. 700 private households are supplied with electricity produced from their own waste. In future, it will be even more when the Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Futureis realised.

Good energy goes both ways – and the benefits flow back to the customers.